How Did We Not Know That

Hosts Jac and Nat are fresh out of college and studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test. Unfortunately, they have quickly realized how little they know about world history. Join them each week as they sit down and have a conversation about influential moments in history and ask, “How did we not know that?”.

How Did We Not Know That


Singapore and Malaysia Separation

Summary Did you know Singapore used to be part of Malaysia? With its ideal location, bustling economy, and cultural melting pot you’d think any country would snatch at the opportunity to merge with Singapore, but this wasn’t the case. In This episode, Jac explains how Malaysia was formed and why Singapore was not a part…More

What Happened At Residential Schools?

Summary In this special collaboration with the Scrolls & Leaves podcast, Jac and Nat discuss the not so distant history of Canadian residential schools for Indigenous children. You’ve probably hear a lot about these “schools” in the news recently, but do you really understand the severity of the impact they had on these children and…More

God Save The Queen?

Summary From the absolute monarchies in medieval times to the soft, elderly Queen Elizabeth II today, have you ever wondered how the British Monarchs got to this point? In this episode, Jac and Nat discuss the various events that led to the English royals’ loss of power as well as the fall of several other…More

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