How Did We Not Know That

Hosts Jac and Nat are fresh out of college and studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test. Unfortunately, they have quickly realized how little they know about world history. Join them each week as they sit down and have a conversation about influential moments in history and ask, “How did we not know that?”.

How Did We Not Know That


What Happened In Roe Versus Wade?

Summary Abortion laws have been all over the news these past few months, so what better way to start the new year than to explain the history of the landmark supreme court case, Roe V Wade. In this episode, Jac breaks down abortion laws in the United States before, during, and after the supreme court…More

What Is Italian Fascism??

Summary Apart from all the pizza and pasta, Italy is also known as the birthplace of fascism! Although the term is thrown around colloquially these days, should it be? Who is a fascist and what do they do? How did it start and did it ever end? In this episode, Jac takes us through the…More

What Is Vodou?

Summary Despite the erroneous displays and spellings of “voodoo” in the western world and media, Vodou is actually an ancient religion passed down for centuries throughout West Africa. In this episode, learn about the history of one of the only traditional African religions to survive in the modern western hemisphere! 📦 ORDER YOUR HDWNKT STICKER…More

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