How did America become an Imperial Power? Spanish American War Part 1 & 2


In the year 1898, the once-mighty Spanish empire crumbled within a matter of months. Who was there to pick up the pieces? None other than the young but ambitious nation of the United States of America. In the Season 3 opener, Nat presents the highly-anticipated episode on the Spanish-American War. Listen to how the former British colony acquired a few territories for itself and became a major player on the international stage.

Most Americans will be shocked to learn that once upon a time on the opposite of the world, the US held a colonial territory in the Philippines. Even for a podcast that’s dedicated to asking the question “How did we not know that?”, this one’s a real head-scratcher. Why was US involvement in the Philippines so quickly forgotten, and how can those of us in the present bring more awareness to the atrocities that were committed in the past? In this episode, Nat covers the Philippine-American War and America’s nearly 50-year-long presence on the archipelago.

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