Is Socialized Medicine Real? | Universal Health Care Pt. 1


The issue on every American’s mind for the past century: What is wrong with our healthcare system? Why do we spend the most on healthcare, yet fail to deliver basic coverage to every American? The United States Healthcare system is perhaps as complex as the billing codes that insurance companies use to charge us (sometimes) into bankruptcy. Gone are the days, when Americans will stand by as confused, victims of the system! In this special 3 part episode, our guest Esteban, will be breaking down the 4 different models of healthcare around the world and explaining how the U.S. compares.

In part one, Esteban will be breaking down ‘The Beveridge Model’ of healthcare that is used in  countries such as Great Britain, Spain, and New Zealand.

Book Source and Recommendation: The Healing of America by T.R. Reid.

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